Essay on My Thoughts On The Writing Process

750 Words Sep 13th, 2016 3 Pages
The writing process varies from person to person. This ranges from the steps taken to plan and organize the specifics of a paper, to developing strategies, to learning that some methods prove to be rewarding, while others stand ineffective. No two paths are identical.

When beginning an essay, my preference is to take a blank sheet of paper, and sketch a guideline to follow. I usually make a web, or use bullets. This allows me to organize my thoughts clearly, and to grasp a general concept of what I want to say. Depending on the topic, free writing is sometimes an easier approach, as my ideas tend to flow together quicker. After having adequate information, I begin to form a primary draft, reflecting back onto my initial pages to place my thoughts in an orderly fashion. Leaving several blanks when writing this draft, I jump from paragraph to paragraph, forming arrows and scratches throughout my page until it is barely legible. Once satisfied, I begin revising and editing until I am confident enough to begin a secondary draft. Writing a second draft enables readers, myself included, to follow a straight road map. Aside from a few grammatical tweaks, my final paper remains relatively consistent in structure and word choice when comparing it to my second draft. This writing format has always been efficient for me, thus proving to be one of my favourite strategies for writing a paper. Various instructors have suggested many different writing strategies. Trying to…

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