My Thoughts On The Phantom Limb Syndrome Essay

1103 Words Dec 5th, 2016 5 Pages
Over the past semester, I have learned many things about how our bodies and minds work when put under certain situation. This class helped me familiarize myself with certain topics that I wasn’t aware of before. Additionally, this class opened my eyes to certain behaviors I exhibit in my own life. Psychology in my opinion is one of the most powerful subject/concept in our lives. The reason I say this is because everything we do, everything we say and how we act all correlates with psychology and how our mind works. Throughout the semester I learned quite a few different topics that I can relate to my life. A couple of them are how are dreams formulate, what phantom limb syndrome is, how to become better at memorizing things and many more. There are quite a few topics that I can relate more to than others. As I stated before, one of the topics that was interesting to me was when we studied what dreams were. Ever since than after every dream I have I think as to the reason why I would have that dream or what’s bothering me in life that my brain wants to resolve while I am sleeping. Because our dreams are formulated by the region where our emotions are stored I believe that we dream about things that actually happened in life and dream about our emotions. Lately, I have had quite a few dreams about certain things that indicate an unresolved issue in my life. In fact, this is very true but I find it fascinating how my mind tries to resolve that issue by dreaming. Its crazy how…

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