My Thoughts On Suicide Prevention Essay

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My thoughts on reading about suicide prevention has really been an eye opener for me as an undergrad student. I believe your approach to the class has really brought forth a magnifying glass into the lives of those affected by suicide and all that pertains to it. I will have to be honest in my current job, I would usually stay distant from patients who came on the unit for suicide because I did not fully understand the ideal of wanting to end life, but after reading and being in your class, that is only the “tip of the ice burg”, we have no clue on what the underlining issues are that brings a person to that stage in life. After reading the articles and studying the assessments I can honestly say I am more competent and understanding of how one can come to the result of suicide.
After watching the Safety Planning Webinar, I have taken tools on how to help one manage suicide ideations.
The Safety Plan includes 6 steps:
1. Recognize Warning signs
2. Identify and Employ internal Coping Strategies that the Individual can do alone
3. Use Social Contacts with People and Healthy Social Settings as a Means of Distractions.
4. Contact Family – Someone to confide in
5. Contact Mental Health Professional or use Emergency Services
6. Reduce access to Local Means (Safety Planning Intervention for Suicide Prevention, 2013) I learned that safety planning helps those in crisis to reduce the situation and plan a safe intervention. I now obtain insightful information on coping…

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