My Thoughts On My Life Essay

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As I was sitting in the crowded and dimly lit classroom of a high school that I have never been to, I gathered my thoughts to write my essay for the SAT. When I finished my essay, I sat there staring at the ceiling waiting for the instructor to tell everyone to finish their last sentence. While spending some time alone with my own thoughts, I wondered if I had finished too fast. I looked around the classroom and saw that a majority of my peers were still writing their essays. After seeing that everyone was still working on their essays, I tried to proofread to see if I could add more details somewhere in the essay. However, nothing was coming to me. I gave up and told myself that the essay was at least decent. Although it wasn’t my best piece of writing, I couldn’t think of anything anymore and I ended up turning in the essay as it was. On that day, I finished the SATs feeling empty.
When I was in the third grade, I had a passion for reading and writing. It may have been some time earlier, but third grade is the furthest back that I could remember because it was when I wrote my very first summary. My very first take home summary was the most memorable for me. Under my stairwell of my old house was a big opening. There were no walls or doors under it, you could walk straight through to the other side. The area under the stairwell was my little cave at the time. I didn’t have a table but I had a television, a couch, and a game console. The very first summary that I did was…

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