My Thoughts On My Life Essay

1002 Words Dec 31st, 2015 null Page
So much has changed since this past August. Since my last few blogs. New dreams, new memories, and new experiences have flooded the world which surrounds me. Rather a blog is posted and read by multiple or simply written for only my eyes, it helps me to truly dig into God 's word and makes me take a deeper look into where I am in my walk with God and what I need in Christ. Often times I find myself millions of miles away without ever noticing I was drifting away, slowly but steadily. It feels like it was just August and I was on fire for God and searching for the purpose I was created for and now, months later I caught myself stuck in, what I call, a rut. I woke up one day and realized my attitude towards certain people had changed, it was now bitter and snappy. My mind had become filled with words I would not dare to say out loud and thoughts of things I would not dare to do. My mouth had become ugly in the way I responded to and about people or certain things. I found I had dug myself deeper and deeper into a hole I could not escape, well not on my own anyways. Certain t.v. shows, songs, and movies had captivated my mind with harsh, nonrespectable thoughts. I had become like the one 's whose actions I judged and looked down on. Once again I did not realize I had been so quick to form a harsh opinion, especially when I had a log sticking out of my own eye (Matthew 7).

It was like the sermon these past few Sundays were what I needed and was meant to be for me at that…

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