Essay on My Thoughts On My Life

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There 's a quiet rhythmic tap at my window. Mom 's explosive rampage in the kitchen almost drowns it out, but the tapping is persistent enough to catch my attention. My blinds are shut, so I can 't see what is causing it. I pull them open and see Kenna standing anxiously outside my window. I can 't face her right now. She searches my eyes in concern as I slowly slide the window open.
"Liam, what 's wrong? What happened?"
I hesitate as another wave of guilt crashes over me. The Jinn didn 't just take my dad away, they left a wake of ruin in the life of my best friend. There 's no way our friendship will last once she finds out what my dad did. I tighten my jaw, holding back. I can 't handle one more loss right now.
Kenna sees the conflict in my eyes and doesn 't wait for an invitation. She pulls herself up onto my window ledge. Surprised, I reach out and grasp her by the waist to help her inside. Her arms wrap around my shoulders as she lowers herself into my room. A loud crash from my Mom 's bedroom startles us both.
"What was that?" She whispers, pulling away from me and glancing at the door.
"Everyone has their own way of coping." Is all I can think of to say.
"What happened?" Kenna asks quietly, sitting on the edge of my bed. I have to tell her. As much as it kills me, she 'll know soon enough anyhow. The words are hard to get out of my mouth.
"They found my Dad." I whisper.
Kenna 's eyes widen. "Is everything okay? Is he alive?"
"Yeah, he was arrested in Reno." I…

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