My Thoughts On My Friendship With God Essay

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This weekend has been pretty thought-provoking for me. We have heard stories regarding how others have found God and the different ways He can be perceived. And it is with this talk, I will expand on both of these notions. I want to share, the results of my friendship with God. Everyone has had different experiences, and He speaks to us in very diverse ways. In my life most often, in the form of something I least expected. When I am out and about and meet a stranger, or when I spend time with old friends, I can encounter him acting through others. I have felt God’s presence when someone dropped an arrangement of lawn flowers on my doorstep. In a similar manner, when I get toppled over by dogs, in happy anticipation for a walk. The holy spirit is in those moments that make me smile.

I see God’s love for me when I get a 3 paragraph text message from my father, reminding me to keep my head up when I have had a tough week. Pointing out to me, how it will subside and his belief in me to overcome the obstacles set forth before me. I see God’s love through the families I have met at my church back home, who see me as one of their grandchildren and pinch my cheeks. His love comes through those around us. He tells us in chapter 15 of John his commandment is to “Love each other as I have loved you”.

please write this down…. Love each other as I have loved you (x3)

There is no dependent clause on this statement. No asterisk for only those who are like us or believe in the same…

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