My Thoughts On God 's Life Of Pi Essay

1472 Words May 6th, 2016 null Page
This paper has taught me so many different things about my thoughts on God. When I first started this paper, I did not know if anything would be able to change my opinion. When I started my paper, my goal was to find some proof that there was no such thing as God. Instead, I found many different sides to this complex argument. The Life of Pi tried to make a significant argument of why God did exists. Thomas Aquinas showed me different sides to many arguments about God. Finally, my conversation with Olivia helped confirm my opinions. I do not believe that God exists because there is no higher power that has enough control to influence the entire world.
I completely disagree with everything that the book Life of Pi states because it assertions are too unrealistic. One of the main points that the Life of Pi states that there is such thing as God is because he is there to comfort us. While I completely agree that many people do feel really safe if they believe in God, I can not believe that Pi would feel as safe as he did just because of an intangible object like God. When Pi decided to change religions, he sighted the Hindu God as someone that not only conforted him through this difficult decision, but also helped him make it. I do not believe that God was the one that willed Pi into making this decision for him. Pi made this decision on his own, whether he believes it or not, because there is no such thing as a God. The book also believes that God is in our…

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