My Thoughts On Food And Chemistry Essays

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From my childhood onwards, I wanted to work in the sciences, especially as it related to food and chemistry. My teachers nurtured my scientific curiosity by encouraging me to experiment and gather data in order to draw my own conclusions. This carried over into my cooking hobby—later as an interest in health-focused nutrition. For example, I remember waking up early on Saturday mornings to pull out my mother’s recipe book and examine the ingredients for pancakes or cookies. Occasionally I would twist recipes by removing or adding spices or substitutions. Later, this interest developed into my role within my family as the cook, adjusting recipes or creating new ones as needed. In between all of my food adventures, I read everything I could and became interested in writing, especially as a medium for ideas and information. I did not know of any career that combined all of these interests, but I did want to apply my skills where they would be useful.
As a teenager, my motivations changed when several close family members developed chronic diseases with many different dietary restrictions. Lifestyle changes were prescribed along with a list of medications and other therapies. Over the span of a few months, medicine became the forefront of my reading, my writing, and my cooking. I performed literature reviews on foods, practices, and supplements and stopped using certain ingredients entirely. I saw the work as an opportunity to reduce the incidence of symptoms and bring a regular…

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