My Thoughts On Barthes ' Camera Lucida Essay example

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My thoughts on Barthes’ Camera lucida are a bit hard to resolve, while I did find the book interest in its own right the Barthes depiction of photography as death disturbs me.
While I understand to make a good photograph is not simply taking a picture but actually has to be planned and prepared, camera lucida adds a theoretical approach to making a good photograph. Barthes explains that 3 characters measure the quality of photography, the operator, the spectator and the target. The author conflicts with this theory has he goes on looking for his on studium in photograph, that is the focus of the photograph.
The operator as implied by Barthes is the photographer, the person who takes the picture. Barthes states that the photographer most find a ‘target’, that is the object in the picture that developing a relationship with its ‘Spectator’, as defined by Barthes the audience, which itis to say the people that will be viewing the photography, in with this explanation the key factor in deciding the quality of the photography. In one word Barthes saying the Operator is trying to achieve ‘Punctum’, which is described in the book and Urban dictionary “Punctum, denoting the wound, personally touching detail which establishes a relationship with the target”. As far as I can understand, with some of the pictures Barthes put in the book such as the picture of the children (depicted as retarded) in the field [page 51], the picture of the soldiers and nuns in the background [page 23],…

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