My Thoughts About Management And The Contemporary Model Essay

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My thoughts about management are a lot different than the preliminary reading of the textbook, “Introduction to Health Care Management,” By Buchbinder, S., & Shanks, N. (2011). The text suggests that a leader had an inherent trait (i.e., ethnicity, gender, body structure), and did not consider the characteristics of an individual. It is hard to imagine that such an idea could have ever existed. However, from an historical viewpoint, it is a prerequisite to know about how things began. Fast forward, a century, companies had discovered that leadership could be designed according to a certain mindset and ideas. From this reading, I acquired the most knowledge about leadership through the category of a contemporary model. The contemporary model focused on the behavior, style, and competencies of individuals. A change in the reading from what was to what is stimulated my curiosity about management, and intensified my need for growth. The reading was no longer jaded; but instead had become relevant and new. The reading more than simply allowing me to rely on my concept of a quality leader, it moved me to look further into my presumption and experiences from the past.
First and foremost, my experience had come from a pharmacy setting, which is defined as a non-direct health care service. Nonetheless, the pharmacy works in collaboration with medical physicians and is a continuum of medical care. Second, the pharmacy manger I was beneath was fully aware of the role he…

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