My Teacher At The Time Essay

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It still baffles me some days at how an entire year managed to pass me by like a fly during a summer picnic, because before I knew it, I was already approaching my final weeks of middle school. Of course, coming along with the end of the school year are the final academic units that you must endure learning about before taking the major test of the year and being set free into summer vacation.
During this particular time, I recall having been learning about the different types of poetry in my 8th grade Language Arts class and how they are applied and found in a lot of the works of art we are familiar with today. My teacher at the time, Mrs. Seveland, had prepared a few songs and poems that she felt would be great examples of how irony is incorporated throughout the phrases. Now, a little bit about Mrs. Seveland was that she an older Caucasian woman with thin, gray and white hairs sprouting from her head down to her neck, glasses small and circular, and a body as big as her heart. She would always wear some sort of floral patterned shirt and dark colored sweatpants, and always seemed to wear a smile on her face each day as she greeted her students to 3rd and 4th period. She seems like a simple woman, and, to be frank, she was. I vividly remember her having a subtly excited tone of voice that particular day, which wasn’t a very common thing for her to do when presenting her lesson plans for the day. To put the lesson shortly, she had gathered a selection of three songs that…

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