My Target Population Is Parents Of Preschool Children Essay example

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My target population is parents of preschool children, ages 3-5 years old, who attend my local church in the community, Franklin County, Ohio, where I reside. This group is made up of both women and men who have both male and female children that are still staying at home during the day with their parents and have not entered school yet. Studies have shown that children imitate the behaviors from those around them (Knol et al., 2016). Teaching the parents, who are home with their young children, proper nutrition and the importance of physical activity will provide the children a positive role model. The social learning theory states that people learn from observation, imitation, and reinforcement (Bowden & Greenburg, 2013). Young children apply this social learning theory of repeating the actions of their parents during everyday life.
The educational preparation for this group is estimated to be around 10.2% with less than a high school education, 89.8% have a high school diploma, and 36.7% have a college degree (United States Census Bureau, 2010). Educating the public can have barriers due to literacy, language, and physiological barriers and nurses must be able to present information in a way that all are able to understand (Beagley, 2011). I will be using simple language, visuals, and handouts to reinforce teachings. Effective communication involves using clear language that is to the point while avoiding unfamiliar medical terms that the group might not understand (Nies…

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