My Supervisor John King 's Term Essay

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In late May of 2016, I was referred to as one of several “costumed character” in grammatically troubled, but overall positive TripAdvisor review. My supervisor John King was visibly angry, not at me (this time), but at the visitor. “These aren’t costumes. This isn’t Disneyland.” For three months, I wore period clothing (this was John King’s preferred term and one does not fail to use John King’s term). The period was the mid-nineteenth century. Depending on my scheduled tours and assigned exhibit, I either wore a blue cotton coat, a red vest, a colorful kravatt, and a straw tophat or a military uniform consisting of sky blue wool trousers, a navy blue wool coat, and a matching bummer (Read floopy wool cap) (The kravatt was optional when in military dress). Sometimes, I had to demonstrate proficiency at loading and firing a black powder rifled musket. Usually I sat in a chair and talked about history to people who thought they were in antiquarian amusement park in the mode of super cool eighth grade social studies teacher. This is living history at place people often don’t come looking for a history lesson. Harpers Ferry is a place of incredible physical beauty (and yes the proper spelling of the town is sans apostrophe and yes there should be an atrostrophe). The little town of hundred and fifty year old brick sits at the mouth of the Shenandoah River. Here in this nook amongst mountains, at the spiritual midpoint of the Appalachian trail, the states of West Virginia,…

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