My Summer Plan For College Campus Essay

788 Words May 6th, 2016 4 Pages
It’s the end of the school year, instead of getting excited, I’m stressed out because of my student loan debt and how I’m going to afford it.
“I’m pretty sure some of my schoolmates are hyped right now making their summer plan.”
For me, my summer plan is getting a job. Many high school students who come from a low-income family never go to college due to lack of school tuition. For those who attend, they’re either at a 2-year college or they were lucky to have had a scholarship. I’m in my first year of college while preparing for the second year and when I look at what lies ahead of me, I always ask myself if all of this is worth it. I know that education is important, but to what end I’m I willing to go for me to earn my college degree. I believe everyone should ask themselves what they’re willing to do. According to Student Monitor report, the main problem on a college campus is the cost of education. Most of the students in this report admit that the cost of education is one of the main problems they face (Jacobs par 2).
Unless you’re one of the students from a prosperous background. Higher education is regarded as the key to both individual and societal ambitions. For individuals, education beyond the high school level is presumed to be the way to white-collar jobs, better-paying jobs, expanded life options, intellectual capabilities and frequently a good time in the pursuit of any or all of the above. For societies, higher education is…

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