Essay on My Summer At The Great Farm

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Once upon a time, I moved to a farm in the Midwest. I, Nick, lived with many animals on the west side of the pond, but many animals lived on the east side too. The two sides did not like each other very much, so it was not easy to fit in. I currently live in a different farm, but the story about my summer at the Great Farm is a story worth sharing.

I did not know many animals when I arrived at the farm. The only familiar voice I heard came from inside the barn. The voice belonged to Daisy. Daisy was a sheep, who followed her best friends. Jordan, a weasel, was very good at getting out of tricky situations without harming herself. Tom, a fox, was an intelligent trickster. He always looked out for himself. Day after day, I gathered resources, collected food, and tried to maintain peacefulness at the farm.

A few days after I settled into my tree, I noticed I had a neighbor. A falcon was perched on a branch, as still as a statue, one night. He peered at the bright light above the barn door. I did not understand why he sat and stared so long, at the time, but it looked as if he wanted to catch the light. Now, I know why he wanted to catch the light. He wanted to achieve his dream. He flew miles and miles in pursuit of a great desire. He wanted to be on the same farm as Daisy.

Gatsby was new to the farm, too. We lived next to each other and became close as the summer went on. Although I knew very little about the farm he was from, I heard crazy rumors from different animals.…

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