Essay on My Stunning Educational Experience

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My Thrilling Educational Experience

Excitement, thrill, apprehension and all those human emotions were governing me as they do to every other individual who enters an unknown environment. The smell of air had changed and it consistently reminded me of these emotions. Now, there I was in this great city all alone, having moved from Nepal to the United States trying to get a quality education. The new education system stunned me. How can things be so different? How come I don’t even have to yell “MAY I COME IN SIR” before I enter the class? I was both surprised and proud not having to do it anymore. The new learning process was so interactive that I finally found education to be interesting. After experiencing two different cultures and
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Mr.Dhoj wasn’t concerned or willing to figure out the reason behind me not completing my work. The fact is that I didn’t really know how to solve the complicated problems he assigned us and wasn’t at all interested or bothered to copy it from someone else. I’d rather take another shot on my back, after all the pain is temporary. Because the classes were so passive and teacher-dominated, students feared to raise questions. I would have to hustle during the final exams and would somehow manage to peek into one of the first bencher’s answer sheet. Mr.Dhoj would figure it out later, but he didn’t really feel like slamming or failing me for that because he believed that being able to copy in the exams in itself was a skill. It sounds a little absurd but this really was his idea on the ability to cheat. So he would let me slide with the passing grade. I climbed up on to tenth grade without the ability to do a 9th grade math problem by myself. I really wish things would have been a little different in the class. I wish the teacher could understand where we were lacking. I experienced proper interaction with my professor and my fellow students while taking classes in the U.S. We spent most of the time sharing, analyzing ideas and most of all concluding them that would answer most of the questions--that is what active learning is about. The learning pattern

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