My Student 's Classroom Environment Essay

767 Words Nov 8th, 2016 4 Pages
When we begin our tenure as educators, one of the most important decisions we must make before even instructing a single class, is to begin actually creating a sense of philosophy for the classroom. Everyone has witnessed perhaps a variety of philosophical models teachers bring to the field, but the question becomes for me, what kind of philosophical model will I incorporate to my student’s classroom environment? Giving the various options to decide on which model to follow, it is of my opinion that I will lean towards the model of direct instruction. Now the idea of it being only a strict general form of direct instruction would be a huge mistake to incorporate into my classroom, but instead I will involve various social activities and the ability to critically think on certain topics that are being discussed in class. The idea of this model I have chosen is that in this type of model my ability to know the content I am teaching and my skills as a teacher will play a huge role, since in this approach I am counted heavily much more by the students. In reality I will have a strong control over the classroom and as well as what is going to be taught in the classroom, obviously, though, it most follow the teks. To sum up my model in a few sentences, is that I will lead the discussion and present the information to the students, with feedback being provided on assignments. I will, though, incorporate students own thoughts onto certain topics. Classroom…

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