Essay on My Struggle Of My Life

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When I think back on a struggle that I have had to overcome in the past I immediately think of college. My struggle was not just choosing a college, but playing the sport I love in college. It might not seem like a struggle to some people when they look at it, but granted I had summers, nights with friends, and vacations all taken away from me. It was a sacrifice that I had to make. I had to look for everything when looking at college’s; I had to look at the size, if they had my major, if I liked the coach, if I liked the team, how much money I would get for playing, and did it fit me right. All this had to be factored into one college. What I struggled with most was thinking is all this going to pay off in the end.
When I first realized that I wanted to play basketball at the next level, I did not know that it would be so intense. I first started off with travel basketball freshman year. I played down in Dayton with a team called Dayton Lady Hoopsters. Practices would be two hours both ways, which meant that I would get home around eleven every Tuesday and Thursday. As a freshman that took a big toll on my grades and you could see the second semester it was not as great as my first. My parents really pushed the school before sports aspect but also wanted me to go to practices. Most of the time I would be studying in the car on the way to practice. Almost every weekend there would be a tournament near Cincinnati. Every Tournament had college coaches at it, so it was almost…

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