Personal Narrative: My Life In Middle School

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My mother always told me that I should always push through hardships with all my might. I grew up the youngest of two sisters and in a family with a lot of hardships. My family went through sickness, surgeries, and debt, but being the youngest I always felt like an outcast and forgotten. Through school I found that since I made myself feel that way in my family I acted that way. School wasn’t easy when I didn’t really know how to communicate with the other students.
Never through elementary school had it occur to me that I wasn’t very social or involved, but then I went into middle school. Middle school I was invited to my first sleepover when I found out I had horrible anxiety of being away from home. Everyone talked about how I was the weird girl who can’t stay at people's house and how I was a different size. I was never a small kid I was always more built than other girls, so everyone laughed at me.
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Through elementary school, I was not the most outgoing girl, so I always sat back and thought I was doing good. When I went into middle school, I found out just how mean people can really be. I was not like everyone else I was built differently, I acted different, and the worst part was I did not know until then. Everyone made jokes about me and picked on me which left me in a deep depression very young. I did not know at the time what to do, but after a year of being bullied I came home crying to my mom and that is when she taught me how to push through the worst parts of life. I learned that I should never react in front of people who hurt me and that I need to stay strong, because on day someone will come along that will like me for who I

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