Essay about My Stress Level Is The Average That Is Very Good For Me

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After completing the first journal entry, I found that my stress level is below the average that is very good for me. there are only a few areas where my score relates that I am under stress. I was amazed when I found that my stress level is under my control. In order to keep my stress at the same level and to overcome some of the stress in my life, I have to go through my health textbook.

First, what is stress: it is an automatic biological response to stressors, or demands made on an individual; the result of any event or condition that requires adaptation. There are many things that I can do in order to reduce stress or to cope with stress. First, a person should eat balanced diet food low in fat and high in fiber will help to cope with stress. Secondly, a person should also rest and try to have adequate sleep in order to get relax. Meditation and yoga also very helpful in order to reduce a stress. A person should also take care of things that are causing stress. In this way, these skills will help me to be able to adapt to stress more effectively.

In this journal, there were three assessments. In the first one i.e. ‘emotional well-being’ my score was below the average. I have to make some small changes in order to improve myself in this area. In other two areas that are: ‘Hostility’ and ‘Expressing Resentments’ my score was above the average.
What is emotion? According to the textbook, Wellness: Guidelines for a Healthy Lifestyle, it is…

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