Reflection On My Personal Theology

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I believe that my top five strengths have definitely played a major role in shaping my personal theology and who I am today. My first strength is competition, which of course is a major part of me. My competitive nature is probably what has driven me to excel in all things I do, particularly in sports and education. Sometimes this characteristic of mine can be quite annoying though, because I tend to take things to seriously even when it should be a lighthearted event. My second strength is discipline. Discipline is another key quality of mine that has allowed me to excel in what I do. This one is definitely more useful to my theology than the last strength. Having this strength helps me to continue to read the Bible and pray every daily. My disciplined religious routine has helped me move forward in my walk …show more content…
My faith was certainly shaken up quite a bit while the treatments were happening, but I was consoled by my church family and my regular family and they helped me to understand the problem of evil in the world. Another very recent and ongoing experience I have had is going to school here. This school has provided me with a great Christian atmosphere that has been exactly what I needed at this point in my life to keep moving forward and grow in my spiritual life. I feel it would have been much harder for me to thrive at a non-Christian university. I personally believe that my theology has played a big part in influencing who I am and I think it will continue to shape me into the kind of person that I want to be in the future. My theology has just helped me to be a kinder person in general; I have a heart for people and I do not think it would have been like that without my personal theology. Wherever I go or in whatever I am doing, I always hope that people can see what I do and how I act and tell that I am a Christian

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