Essay about My Strengths That Help You Build Trust And Lead By Example

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Based on your (e3) results, list two of your strengths that help you build trust and lead by example. You can find this information in your line chart, manager 's report, and also in the benchmark chart.
Two of the skills that help me build trust and lead by example are change and also free spirit. For my first skill is extremely important to me because every single project or scenario is going to be different. As a leader you must be able to adapt to changes to be productive. To my other skill, being free spirit is also important because you have to be friendly and people will look up to you and will want to work with you. Since being nice and also festive people are more willing to be nice and respectful back but if your rude and mean that ruins the flow and it will cause a unprofessional working environment.
Describe at least one situation where you used these strengths in building trust and leading by example. Use depth for full credit. Include at least 100-150 words in your responses for each question.
Back when I was in high school I got the opportunity to teach a web design class during my senior year of high school for the whole entire year. This was a though and a very influential experience as to who I am today but these strengths mentioned above fit that category. In other words, as a high school educator you must adapt to the students. My skills of building trust with the students was being able to adapt to them by bending and changing the rules. To be more…

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