My Strengths Of Writing

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I want to start off by saying that I have really enjoyed this course. English has never been my best subject, but this class has definitely changed that. I do feel like I have a better understanding of writing and all of the rules that go along with it. I also got to meet new people, and make friends in the process. I have plenty of strengths and weaknesses. I think that my strengths were answering all of the questions we had to on the discussion boards. If you give me a question I can sit here all day and come up with answers to it. My biggest weakness was the essays. I have never been good at writing, and coming up with things to write about. Anytime I try to write my thoughts just get all mixed up and I end up going all over the place. I think I could help this by writing down my thoughts before I start to write. I could also plan out my story line before I start to write things down. Another weakness I have is citing. I never understand what to do or how to cite. This class helped me understand it a little better, but I still get confused. I think that my best piece of work was the first essay we did. I felt that it was the …show more content…
I felt that every time I went back and read it I would fine something wrong. These techniques helped me by making my essay organized, and helping me make positive changes in my writing process. The things that did not help me very much would have to be the fact that I always struggled with coming up with a topic to write about. I was never able to decide on one particular thing, so I just had to pick one and see where it went. If I did not like what I was writing then I would change my topic. My favorite strategy that I used would have to be planning out my drafts. If I did not plan out my writings then they would almost never make sense and they would be all over the

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