My Strengths Of My Writing As A Writer

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Over the first and second quarters of Dual Enrollment English at Brooke Point High School, I grew immensely as a writer. I learned a great deal about how to write a paper, as well as, about myself. In the beginning of this course, I felt as if my assignments were going to overwhelm me; I also felt apathetic about completing them. This led me to create my own personal agenda as to how I would complete my assignments. My plan was to overcome my weaknesses and enhance my strengths within the construction of my essays, depth of paragraphs and overall assignments.
One weakness I noticed in my writing was that it was difficult for me to start my introduction paragraphs. Each time I was given a new topic to write, I found myself pondering how I was going to begin it. Previously, I had completed essays where it was easier and more efficient for me to complete all my other paragraphs, such as the body and conclusion, and then head back to the top to write my introduction. Personally, I learned that the introduction paragraph had to hook the
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I loved that sometimes teachers and professors gave me a free range of topics to correspond to. It helped with the creative aspect of my writing. In spite of that, when I was given options, my mind still went blank at times. Often, when I began to experience writer’s block, I got anxious. It is as if I knew what I wanted to say and the direction I wanted my essay to take, yet I did not know how to properly articulate these thoughts. This particular weakness was present not only when I wrote essays in English, but in AP Government, Leadership, and etc. I faced writer’s block when I was writing the analysis paper for The Pearl. In this particular instance, I did not know how to proceed with the topic. There were several different directions in which I could view the content of the story. But I was confused as to the route I wanted to

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