My Strengths At First Strength Essay

1156 Words Oct 30th, 2015 null Page
I’ll have to admit, at first I thought taking a quiz to find out my strengths seemed kind of bogus. I wasn’t all for it; it honestly seemed like a waste of time. Once we got to class and started analyzing our strengths, I began to realize that maybe this quiz wasn’t such a joke. Most of us have spent our entire lives with the mindset that we need to build up our weaknesses. As we found out, this might not be entirely true. It turns out that it is actually more productive to capitalize on our strengths rather than try develop our weaknesses. By using StrengthsQuest, I have discovered my top strengths. Through knowing these, I have inadvertently learned more about myself. With this information, I can use my strengths more efficiently to accomplish my goals.
My first strength is “includer.” From reading the descriptions given, I think it is fitting to consider myself aware “of those who feel left out.” Because of this, I, “make an effort to include them.” I always say that no matter what career I choose to pursue, I get the most joy from helping others and making them feel important. I wouldn’t necessarily say this helped me learn anything about myself by knowing that I am an “includer,” it just has helped reassure the fact that I should continue to pursue a field of work where I can help others. It is beneficial that something that is very important to me is also one of my top strengths. If having a big heart is one of my strengths, it would only make sense that I continue to…

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