My Strengths And Weaknesses Of Writing Essay

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In English 101, I have my strengths and weaknesses in writing essays. I’ve learned to write a well developed college essays,by using the ideas and words of others, writing an essay in a timed-constraint,and narration.Although I have mastered brainstorming and outlining, I still need to improve on grammar,and developing ideas.

I learned that brainstorming and outlining are crucial to writing a well developed college level essay.Brainstorming and outlining in part of the pre-writing process which is the preparation to writing the drafts. From the start of the pre-writing process , I would write down my ideas about the given topic, and then I would proceed to forming my outline. Afterward, the ideas that I gathered from brainstorming would be put into different paragraphs. I’ll begin my first paragraph, which is the introduction, by introducing my topic and having a thesis statement to sum it up. After my introduction, I would write my body paragraphs. At last, I would have my conclusion paragraph which summarizes what I explained in my body paragraphs and restates in other words my thesis statement. Brainstorming and outlining helps me to stay on track so I don’t deviate to irrelevant ideas.Therefore, I considered these as my strengths in the writing process of my essays.

On the other hand grammar is hard a concept for me to grasp. My professor always noted that my grammar is unsatisfactory. I don 't use the right tenses , my sentence structure,and punctuation are wrong.…

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