My Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Writing Essay

2636 Words Sep 12th, 2016 11 Pages
Just as with any author of a book, I have my strengths and weaknesses which contribute to my style of writing, although my writing strengths imbalance the many weaknesses I feel I have as a writer. Throughout the course of this class, I learned that a good writer should write, revise, and rewrite as much as possible to generate an essay into its best shape. Through the intense brainstorming, structured outlining, and many revisions of my paper assignments, I have developed a sense of confidence about my writing.
Throughout the many paper assignments throughout my lifetime, I learned to dislike comparison and contrast papers the most because I felt coerced into following a specific structure. Surprisingly enough, my comparison and contrast paper for this course, “Only the Strong Survive: Murray and Keiski 's Path to Maturity”, increased my confidence as a writer because through the revisions, I developed a well-organized paper. The set outlined structure helped me feel secure about my paper flowing smoothly thus developing a clear messages throughout the entire content. When I first found out I had to write a comparison and contrast essay, I became slightly upset because I knew I would struggle with it. After presenting my peer draft to my classmates, my paper bled in red ink after the intense peer editing. Prior to having my paper read, I felt satisfactory with the quality of work I presented, but based on the comments I received I needed a lot of revising. Although I faced…

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