Essay on My Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Success

1198 Words Dec 15th, 2016 5 Pages
Taking the test itself was not as easy as I anticipated. I came to this conclusion due to the fact that I had to be honest with myself and answer them truthfully. Some of the questions I knew instantly, others I had to pause for a minute or two to actually find the best answer. I believe this test is very useful and helpful in determining my strengths and weaknesses. In my opinion, this test is essential to my overall academic journey. This test gave me confirmation and exposed me to things that I did not know or would think about initially. During and after this test I experienced many mixed emotions. Rather sad, happiness, disappointment, encouragement or even inspiration. I understand that “these test results can be critical to my success in this program and beyond.” (Bethel University, 2014, p. 3) Overall I am glad I took the test and I will continue to improve on my weaknesses and capitalize on my strengths.

I did not find any common themes in my weaknesses, however, one of my weakest disadvantages was not surprising to me at all! Math is not my cup of tea and always has been difficult for me. Another weakness of mines is self-esteem and confidence. When it comes to my self-esteem and confidence I think it boils down to my personal outlook on things period, not just academics. I second guess myself on a regular basis, yet I believe that the more comfortable I get with APA style formatting, communicating skills and academic knowledge will be a major boost to…

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