My Strengths And Weaknesses Of My Life Essay

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Finally, i’m a ninth grader, I said when I left the junior high on the last day, but it felt like such a surreal feeling until I walked into the doors of the high school, the high school is as big as an elephant, or maybe even as big as outer space! I thought. I said that I know my strengths and weaknesses for example, one of my strengths is that I can usually catch on pretty quick to what is going on around me, but one of my weaknesses is that I don’t really try as hard as I could. When I look bad on my ninth grade year I wanna remember that I stepped out of my comfort zone, and that my year was simply exquisite! I am really going to push myself so I can make this year the very best. I am hard working, and busy as a bee, but I also like to joke around. I am eager to learn! I am determined like a bull, but I also have other priorities. I can’t wait to see what the high school has for me and what challenges I am going to face, but I am going to get through them to matter how hard the task is. I have faith in myself.

My mother had similar thoughts to mine and I would say that our thoughts are usually pretty clone like , she agrees that I have been trying harder since i’ve been in high school even though it hasn’t been that long, I am more responsible like with my homework when I get home from school I usually do it first instead of waiting until the end of the day like I used to. My mother hopes that when I look back on my ninth grade year I will be able to say that I…

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