My Strengths And Weaknesses Of Being Culturally Competent Essay

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Cultural Competence Healthcare is becoming diverse with the patient population from many different race, cultures and ethnicity. Nurses take care of patients from many different types of heritage and background, therefore we need to be culturally competent while providing care. By taking the Cultural Diversity Self-Assessment (IllinoisCTE, n.d.), I was able to determine my own beliefs toward different cultures. The assessment tool is comprised of a one to five rating scale in regards to how strongly I agree with a question. A score of one indicates an “almost never” response and five indicates “always” response. My total score was 115 with many of my answers being “sometimes” and “almost always”. The test results showed I had some strengths and weaknesses about being culturally competent. I realize that there is room for improvements toward being culturally competent. In this paper, I will discuss my strengths and weakness and state the strategies to improve on.
My Strengths My strengths include a genuine concern for my patient’s needs so I ask for clarification when I do not understand when communicating with my patients to ensure their needs are met. My parents were immigrates, so I witness first-hand the language struggles they encountered growing up. Therefore, I can understand how language barriers can hinder effectiveness communication. As nurses, I think it is important to establish good communication with patients to be able to address healthcare needs…

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