My Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Nursing Leadership Essay

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Nurses are challenged by the Institute of Medicine (2010) to practice to the fullest extent of their licensure and scope of practice in order to deliver results that will provide value to the healthcare consumer in a cost effective, customer satisfying, high quality and safe way. Understanding one’s ability to perform in the nursing leadership role requires insight and self-reflection. This exercise in the self-evaluation of learning, using the American Nurses Association’s scope and standards of practice, provides a platform for future educational actions that will enhance and help fulfill the greatest potential for one’s nursing practice. The following questions address the learning needs of this MSN student, and will serve to guide the Waynesburg University Practicum experience.
What are my strengths and weaknesses?
My leadership strengths rest in my diverse clinical and leadership experiences that include practice in a wide array of settings, in two states Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. These experiences span practice with all patient age groups, and with a wide variety of service lines, including:
• Intensive care to medical-surgical, cardiac, trauma and neonatal patients
• Oncology and hematology
• Post anesthesia recovery
• Pediatric inpatient and outpatient
• Patient Safety
The roles in which I have functioned include the span of control from multiple levels covering, professional staff nursing, charge nurse, clinical coordinator, supervisor,…

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