Essay about My Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Future Manager

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Every Manager has their strengths and weaknesses but ultimately the true responsibility within their position is to recognize and perfect these elements to inspire and lead their subordinates. As an inspiring manager my hope is to recognize and fix these very qualities before they become habits. In accordance with this goal, I have conducted five separate interviews with individuals who have worked around me in different environments. The purpose of the Reflected Self Paper is to help arrange a full and all angled evaluation of my overall strengths and weaknesses as a future manager. Likewise, the results concluded from this evaluation are to highlight my strengths in time management, communication, and respect for all members of the group. However, like all managers I had a range of weaknesses such as: being too much perfectionist, micromanager and on some occasions overlooking the strategic goals and instead looking at the overall ending goal of the project.

In addition to the panels concluded interview, I decided to conduct my own self assessment for my key leadership qualities. In accordance to my results compared to the group 's evaluation, I found that most of their findings were similar to my own beliefs. When reflecting on my workmanship I find that many of the qualities that the group mentioned were my strengths, were ultimately the key qualities I was trying to practice. However, in regards to my weaknesses I have reflected and soul searched on my passed…

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