My Strengths And Strengths, Qualities, Durability, And Responsibility

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StregthsQuest has helped me find my strengths so that I can figure out what I am talented at. These strengths may or may not be the most accurate depiction of my talents. My top 5 strengths are deliberative, adaptability, restorative, consistency, and responsibility. Out of all the strengths that I was given, Deliberative best relates to to me right now. I am very careful and always think about what I might do wrong. I have always had few friends and don’t like talking about my personal life. In highschool i was not liked because I was not expressive like all the other students. I used this strength whenever I take multiple choice tests. I read all of the answers and choose the answer that I think fits the best. I use this strength whenever I buy thing off of ebay. I don’t just buy an item I want without paying attention to the price. I wait patiently until I find the item at a price that I agree with and then buy it. Prices on ebay can be unpredictable so I have to check ebay listings everyday in order to find a low priced ebay. Doing this has made me successful in buying items that i never thought i would be able to afford. I don’t think I have any adaptability at all. I’m really bad at following directions and get lost when I don’t understand what to do. I do not work well in different groups and can’t concentrate when it is loud and chaotic around me. I am also very bad at helping people who randomly ask me questions. An example of when I wasn’t adaptive is when I…

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