My Strengths And Personal Statement Essay

752 Words May 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
S- One of my strengths is that I made my topic very relatable, and everybody was interested in my warm up. The members were fascinated by the agar slides and where I went to contain the samples. They kept asking questions about the places that I obtained the bacteria and some seemed amazed at which slide corresponded with which place. It is important to have a compelling group to encourage active participation and learning about the group topic. Another action that I viewed as one of my strengths was that I was thoughtful about people’s preferences about some aspects within the group. I taped the slides closed to make sure nobody accidentally opened them for more of a smell or contamination. Furthermore, I brought gloves in a case anybody had any objections to touching the slides. I asked if anybody did not want to put on the lotion, in case of any grievances with activity. I even provided two different types of washing soap to allow my participants to have a choice in which one they preferred to use. If someone had any issues with the ingredients in the soap, I brought wipes and hand sanitizer for use. When I provided the choices within my group, it gave the members options to their actions within my group, I think that it is important as I did not want to force anybody to do something that they did not want to do such as touch the bacteria slides or put the lotion on their hands. This would be significant in a mental health setting, especially in-patient, to maintain a…

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