My Strength In Writing

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It is with pride that I offer my portfolio for review. Writing 39A is an amazing class, which I’ve really learned a lot of skills from it. We have plenty of emulation exercises, which are helpful and I learn that how emulate is slightly different from imitate. For writing, I definitely believe that everyone has his writing skills and tools. Doing emulation exercises, fortunately, I realize what’s both my writing strength and weakness in writing. Not only doing exercises, but also thinking about why I’m doing emulation exercises and how can I improve my skills and match great authors. I’m not saying that I’ve done all my work perfectly, but I’m sure that I try my best of doing all my work.
After taking Writing 39A,I find out that reading is
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I consider this as one of my strength in the first place. Like I’ve wrote in one of the exercises about what’s our strength and weakness. I put this in the first paragraph as a strength, for structures actually make an essay well-organized. Mostly, all my first drafts are five paragraphs. The point that I reconsider if this a strength or not is when I’m doing the peer review of the first drafts. I saw three essays, and none of them is a five-paragraph essay. Then I thought maybe always a fixed structure would limit my thinking and thoughts so that essays looked a little hidebound. In addition, I usually provide three ideas in one essay, with the fixed structure, if I provide more, it looks disordered. I’ll continue to think about if it’s good to have a fixed structure in my essay or I’ll do little change about …show more content…
By looking at the revision that my classmates give me, I realize that they all suggest me to provide more details and examples to support my claim. In my teacher’s choice essay, I provide each example followed by each body paragraph, however, I do think it’s not enough now, so I add more details and provide more evidence, which makes my essay longer and more supportive and persuasive. For example, in my teacher’s choice essay, I have big claims and followed by small personal experience. This may make reader hard to understand because it transform too quick. After taking the suggestions, I add more examples, which is the Chinese actress. I think this makes the essay more smooth and

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