Writing 39a Reflection

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It is with pride that I offer my portfolio for review. Writing 39A is an amazing class, which I’ve really learned a lot of skills from it. We have plenty of emulation exercises, which are helpful and I learn that how emulate is slightly different from imitate. For writing, I definitely believe that everyone has his writing skills and tools. Doing emulation exercises, fortunately, I realize what’s both my writing strength and weakness in writing. Not only doing exercises, but also thinking about why I’m doing emulation exercises and how can I improve my skills and match great authors. I’m not saying that I’ve done all my work perfectly, but I’m sure that I try my best of doing all my work.
After taking Writing 39A,I find out that reading is essential as well as writing itself. Basically, every time we’ve done emulation exercises, we’ll respond to our classmates. By reading others work, I believe that’s the way that I can inspire by others ideas, but not limit in my own thinking. When I’m not in the zone, sometimes my mind can be really narrow, and that can’t create great writing. So reading others’ work and learning their skills is a good way of improving my own skills. I remember there’s a time that we
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By looking at the revision that my classmates give me, I realize that they all suggest me to provide more details and examples to support my claim. In my teacher’s choice essay, I provide each example followed by each body paragraph, however, I do think it’s not enough now, so I add more details and provide more evidence, which makes my essay longer and more supportive and persuasive. For example, in my teacher’s choice essay, I have big claims and followed by small personal experience. This may make reader hard to understand because it transform too quick. After taking the suggestions, I add more examples, which is the Chinese actress. I think this makes the essay more smooth and

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