Essay on My Story Of The Holy Temple

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To understand why certain things happened in my story must understand I am Jewish. For those who may or not in Judaism we have three pilgrimage holidays Passover, Sukkos, and shavous. In ancient time my ancestors would travel to the holy temple in jerusalem. Now this day all we have left of the Holy Temple is Western wall so we don 't a make a pilgrimage. My story takes place during the time of Passover which falls out in the spring about three years ago. Now passover just so you know is one of, if not our strictis holidays.

My story starts when I came home for vacation and to celebrate the holidays with my family. My dad had told me that his mom was coming to us from Israel and he was her only child. Another thing is my grandmother in her age has a bad back so it very hard to travel so can understand that for my father it means a lot for him. But there 's another thing about my dad he is a salesman, he sales Kosher food and passover with it many restriction makes a very stressful time for him be cause there things that we are not allowed to eat example would be any thing that has yeast or has had time to rise like bread. There are bunch of other restriction for food but point is it makes it very stressful for because whatever we are allowed to is in high demand.

so with all that going on with my dad he needed me and my brother Meir to do the clean up for passover. Now you most like yearly do spring cleaning, so time that cleaning time ten because we have to clean…

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