My Stomach By B Mike Essay

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Life in my Stomach In pop and rap music today, almost all the lyrics are about sex. However, when I first clicked on “Life in my Stomach” by B-Mike, I could immediately tell that this was different. When people hear rap, they ride it off and think that it’s just another dumb song all about drugs. “Life in my Stomach” is a story of an average teenage girl. It hits us all close to home because everything in the song is all too real. B-Mike, or Michael H., was born and raised in South Africa with his brother and sister. His dad left him and his family at a young age leaving them to fend for themselves. Often, they did not have enough food in the house. MIchael and his mom moved to Australia while his brother and sister stayed in South Africa. Michael was often discriminated during school and in his up and coming career. However, he is extremely proud of his background and reminds his fans to always remember that “There is a reason that you were born as you” in his lyrics from the song “The Same.” His most popular song is “Baby Don’t Cut.” The very first few words of this song are to “Think before you make that decision.” Not only is this foreshadowing, leaving the audience what decision is going to be made, but it is also a use of diatyposis. The speaker is warning the audience, advising them not to make the same mistake that the story is about.
The song then starts off setting the story of a girl. She is portrayed as a very studious person, when she is offered…

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