My Statement Of My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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Educational Philosophy
Philosophy of Education
For a student to learn in a fun way, he/she needs a teacher and a role model. As a student, they want to feel wanted in their classroom. They want to be able to share stories with their teacher without feeling any remorse. As a future teacher, I want my students to feel safe while they are at school. I want my students to talk to me when they need it so that they know they can trust me. If they do not feel safe in my classroom, they will not learn as well as they would if they do feel safe in my class. I plan on during the summer when I receive a list of who is in my class to write a letter to each student and parent so they are each able to get to know me before meeting me. By taking time
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As an elementary education major, this is where girls and boys find hobbies. By allowing them to have a creative mind, I, the educator, am seeing their strengths and weaknesses. Being creative allows for another way to express how they are feeling that day. A lot of kids have a hard time getting their feelings out by words, but sometimes by drawing pictures, I could see they mood and how they are feeling.
Philosophy of Education
The key to a smooth day is to be organized. If a teacher is not organized, it takes time out of students learning while the teacher is looking for something. I would rather be teaching my children than looking for my materials that I should have already have. Many of my teachers that I had in elementary school were very organized and knew exactly how their day was going to go. Although not every teacher was as prepared as the next, they all knew what they had planned. By having a cluttered classroom, it will distract other students from paying attention.
I believe that being an organized teacher will improve the schedule each day. By knowing what I am going to teach at that time, my students will learn a schedule and pattern as they get to know me and my teaching

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