My Spiritual Growth Plan Essay

2121 Words Dec 17th, 2016 9 Pages
My spiritual formation class has been a good reminder of Gods goodness and faithfulness. I enjoyed the readings for this class and learned a lot. It has helped me to examine my relationship with God and look for ways to grow. It is important to write out a spiritual growth plan, to track how far I have come in my walk with Christ and see a goal for the future. . I grew up in a non-denominational church. I loved God, I loved talking to him and about him. I literally prayed myself to sleep every night. When I was 14 my pastor had an affair and the church fell apart. I was devastated to loose my church family. We found a really good new church to start going to, but I didn’t want to get attached. I began to hate going to church, and only went to please my mom. My dad died suddenly a few years later and I became really angry with God. I knew he had the power to heal him, but he didn’t. I decided to drop out of college because I wanted to be a missionary and I didn’t see why I needed school for that. I knew though that I couldn’t be a missionary with my bad relationship with God, so I went to Nanny school. After School, I got a job with an atheist family who had used to go to church. I asked them what made them stop believing in God, and their answers were convincing. I slowly started to also believe that there was no God, and if there happened to be one, he was a Jerk and shouldn’t be worshiped. I continued to go to church because I had moved from North…

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