My Spicy Garlic Sautéed Kale Case Study

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The degree to which learning occurs, must be considered by the teacher (Bastable, 2014). The measure of ability needed for making my Spicy Garlic Sautéed Kale includes, fine and gross motor movement, sensory acuity, and coordination. The learner has the necessary fine motor skills needed, which includes holding objects, such as a knife to cut the kale. Gross motor skills the learner have that’s needed, is the ability to walk around the kitchen while prepping and cooking the recipe. All sensory acuity skills need to be intact for making this recipe. The learner possesses the ability to see what he is doing, hearing the cooking sounds, such as when he introduces ingredients to the hot pot, feeling of the ingredients and utensils, smelling …show more content…
The complexity of making this recipe is low and will not be difficult for the learner to achieve. The necessary skills need to complete the task, aligns with the learner preexisting cooking knowledge.

A conducive environment will hold a learner attention and motivate learning (Bastable, 2014). I asked my learner what environment conditions will aid in his learning. He stated that unfavorable conditions which makes it difficult for him to focus, is when a room is too hot or too quiet. I would provide sound and a cooler environment by opening the window in the kitchen. This allows cool air to come in and the outside noise.

The learner is healthy and have the required energy for learning. According to Bastable (2014) healthy learner’s readiness to learn about health promoting behaviors is based on their perception of self-responsibility. I assessed the learner extent to which he perceived illness to determine his desire to learn how to cook healthy (Bastable, 2014). He expressed that he wants to lose weight and being able to cook and eat healthy will contribute to his desired weight goal. Also prevent the development of heart
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This will help when teaching the recipe as there is a common understanding and contribute to the learning experience. According to Bastable (2014) it is important for the educator to know about the learner culture, to avoid teaching in opposition to the learner’s cultural beliefs.

The learner has an internal readiness to learn how to cook healthy. As Bastable (2014) states when learners have an internal locus of control, they are ready to learn when they feel a need to know about something.

The learner was born and raised in a very diverse neighborhood in New- York, which contributes to his cosmopolitan orientation. This type of orientation will contribute to his desire to learn new healthy cooking recipes. According to Bastable (2014) learners with this type of orientation are receptive to new ideas as a result of broader experiences outside their immediate influences.

The educator must assess the learner knowledge base before designing and implementing instructions (Bastable, 2014). I assessed the learner to have previous cooking experience and knowledge of following recipes, which will contribute to his readiness to learn in this present case. As Bastable (2014) states how much someone already knows about a subject or how proficient that person is at performing a task is important for the educator to

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