My Speech On Video Giving Speech Essay

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On December 5, 2014, I gave a speech (toast) to my dear fellow classmates, Ms. Rich, and Mr. Jenson, on Mother Teresa. As said, I received the video of me giving the speech and from the beginning, I was excited to receive it. I wanted to know how I did and I really wanted to see if I have improved or not. I wasn’t dreading it when I was watching myself on video because I personally now feel that I became a better public speaker than what I was before. In fact I was excited to get my video after I presented because watching myself on video giving a speech does improve my speaking skills and I was able to critique myself while watching. In addition, watching this video made me more self- conscious and I was able see if I made mistakes or not in front of the audiences. After finishing the whole video, I felt good about how I delivered the speech and connected with the audience. When I was rehearsing for the speech at home that’s how I did it, and everything went well according to how it was rehearsed and practiced. The experience was completely what I expected because I knew how I was going to deliver my speech and that’s how I ended up doing it. Taking all the speech I have given in this classes into consideration, I would honestly say I did better throughout each speech because I do see a slight improvement in each one. I would definitely say my performances improved from before because s it can be seen in the video and personally, I felt comfortable being up there in front…

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