My Speech On My Life Essay

795 Words Apr 13th, 2016 4 Pages
Thinking back to when I was eight years old just a little boy with big dreams. I always felt like I could be anything when I was a little kid my mom and grandma are the reason why I am in college and continue to pursue my dreams. They always told me Trey you can do anything you want if you put your mind to it! There my hero’s because they taught me how to be a better person and man as of today I am living my dream of being in college and doing real good in all my classes. Even though my dad was never in my life I will still be a better man then he ever was. One day when I have children I hope to give them the traits that my mom and grandma have taught me to this day. My Grandma is so inspirational because she taught me discipline and to never quit. I remember a time when I wanted to quit basketball because the coach wasn’t giving me a lot of playing time and I knew to myself that I was better than a lot of players that were on the court during the games. My grandmother told me to stick with it and work on my craft and continue to practice and work hard in the games and watch the coach will see your true talent. As I listened to her advice and continue to work and play hard the coach really started to play me more and even started some games. I was very thankful for that advice she gave me and proud of myself that I stuck with it and didn’t quit. My grandma has always preached to me that grades come first no matter what in school she put that through my head no grades I…

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