Essay on My Specific Interests Of Georgetown

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My specific interests in Georgetown are three fold: I am interested in Georgetown because of the emphasis it places on faculty mentorship in research, the unique clinical education in cura personalis, and the proximity with Washington D.C. I believe this program aligns perfectly with my professional goal of becoming a pediatric surgeon and scientist, and will allow me to become an excellent doctor.

Georgetown provides a unique opportunity for medical education. I plan to take advantage of the Medical Education Research Scholar track. I am interested in academic medicine in the future, and this program will provide me the opportunity to develop myself in this regard. I hope to in the future be able to provide a strong education to my students, and this program is unique in the focus on bettering medical education. Furthermore, I hope to pursue research in the future in the scope of developmental disorders. I am excited about the independent scholarly concentration because it will provide me an opportunity to develop myself as a scientist. With my background in research, I am well-suited to contribute to the research community at Georgetown and hope to find a mentor my first year and focus on research throughout my time in medical school.

With the focus on cura personalis, I will be able to get a one of a kind education at Georgetown. Every person should have the access to and trust in medicine to see a physician at least once a year. To accomplish this, each person’s…

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