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February 10, 2014
Melanie A. Tucker

“My Son the Marine”

The story “My Son the Marine” Is written by Frank Schueffer. The reason for this paper is to identify weather or no to author used logos ethos or pathos in the story. The story took place on a summer day. One day after high school a young boy decides he wanted to join the military. The young boy talks to almost all of the military recruiters except one. Later that afternoon there was a knock on his door from the one military branch he did not visit, The United States Marine Corp (USMC). The boy was taken by the appearance and demeanor of the two marines at his door. After his talk with the marines he decided
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“I stared at the television there were fire-fighters cops and military personnel struggling to find survivors and thousands dead. I felt deeply frustrated being able to do nothing. At least I knew that I could look the men and women in uniform in the eyes. My son, after all, was one of them”.
The author did a great job of building repore and empathy for the father in the story. The author was able to use creative use of words to set the tone or mood of the father’s confusion about his sons need for to become the “few the proud a Marine”. The tone that was created was soft, protective, and thoughtful. And showed a change in tone and mode when the fathers son finally graduated and became a Marine
The story, in conclusion, is a heartfelt story of a man and his son. It concerns the journey off what parents go through when saying goodbye to their children as they set off in unknown and unchartered territory. The pride the parents feel when their children succeed is exponential. The author wss able to capture the heart sting of the reader. Although the author used false logic to almost convince the father that his son was destined to fail.

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