Essay about My Son Is Deceased By Rachel Aviv

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Your Son Is Deceased

Your Son Is Deceased By Rachel Aviv is an article regarding an occasion which a Sargent from the Albuquerque Police Department used lethal force on a response to an arrest warrant at the alleged offenders residence. This article brings to light ethical issues concerning how Albuquerque Police Department’s officers respond and reacted to fatal situations. The conflicting issues presented in this article have many residents of Albuquerque concerned with the policies regarding ethics within the department and the functioning with the department as a whole. This specific incident along with many other seemingly common occurrences in Albuquerque has impacted the community greatly and has left this city divided in regards to being either for against the state’s largest local department.
Clarifying issues existing in this case are that the alleged perpetrator named Christopher Torres was shot by police and he suffered schizophrenia. This disease is a severe mental disability which leaves victims to the disorder feeling disturbed, agitated, and out of touch with reality. Christopher allegedly resisted arrest and got into a physical altercation with several police officers. During the altercation Christopher grabbed an officer’s side arm and refused to release the weapon. A responding officer felt that Christopher was an imminent threat and decided that the most appropriate course of action was to use lethal force. The officer shot Mr. Torres three times in…

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