My Sociological Training : A Research Experiences At The City University Of New York ( Cuny )

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As a Korean-American lesbian, I often wondered how other people of marginalized identities understand their sense of belonging in the larger society. I had not yet developed my sociological imagination to critically examine how larger social structures shape the ways people understand their social worlds. Now, my sociological training allows me to develop the theoretical, methodological, and organizational approaches necessary to explore how marginalized individuals navigate society, particularly how discrimination influences individuals’ identity processes, and challenge and/or shape societal understanding of their structural locations.
My interest in diversity was shaped largely by my research experiences at the City University of New York (CUNY) Graduate Center. As a Master’s student, I worked with Dr. William Kornblum and Dr. Juan Battle on CUNY As a Lab project, a mixed-methods project investigating college preparedness and engagement of students at 18 CUNY undergraduate colleges. Using both qualitative (ethnography and in-depth interviews) and quantitative (regression) techniques, we found that (1) compared to others, Black and Latino/a students felt more engaged in school, but that (2) these students’ increasing necessity for employment negatively affected their sense of connectedness to the university. This research, which was presented at the CUNY As a Lab Briefing, demonstrates my commitment to investigating and engaging diversity in an institutional setting.…

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