My Sleep And Sleep Debt Essay

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Over the course of the past two weeks of tracking my sleep and dreaming, a few observations have been observed and a lot of analysis have been made. I have found that I slept an average of eight hours and ten minutes per night, with the minimum of approximately seven hours and a maximum of eleven hours. Within this two-week span I had built up a small amount of daily sleep debt, ranging fifteen to forty-five minutes a night, but I was able to make up the hours on the weekend, or throughout the week, result in no net sleep debt. In order to avoid having a daily sleep debt, I should attempt to go to sleep earlier as well as, try to relax a little before bed. I could also try and “stock up” on sleep during the weekend when I do not have a set schedule. I found that the mornings in which I had gotten more sleep, I was more awake upon rising, hit the snooze less, and had an overall better day. The mornings, in which I had gotten less sleep, I would hit snooze more often, or sleep through the first round of alarms to being with. These mornings I was more tired, groggy and frustrated. Not only was there a correlation between the quality of sleep, but what days I got the most sleep.
While analyzing my sleep and dream journal I had found that there was an increase of sleep on the weekends, and specifically the days I was not at school. The night that I had gone to see my parents I had gotten 11 hours of sleep, compared to the next Saturday, which I had gotten seven hours. In fact,…

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