My 8 Plot Ideas

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I know these plots ideas are not the best thing ever, but we can expand off of those ideas and I have no problem if you want to change a role or go with a different idea.

My first plot idea is where a crossdressing secretary that is used to having a good amount of money is going broke, due to his spending habits or maybe he suffered a setback. Not wanting to lose his lifestyle, he decides to meet with his boss 's son who agrees to lend her some money if he develops a relationship with him.

My second plot idea is about a wealthy crossdresser who is unhappy with his marriage, since the fire in his relationship is no longer there. However his half brother has caught his eye over the past few months and notices how he looks back at him the
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A person with a taste for bloodshed also has a taste for being very promiscuous. Deep down under his borderline psychotic tendencies, he 's just a lonely person who desires the counsel of another, just like anyone else would and knows a rich kid can give it to him.

My 9th plot idea about a rich kid who has been dating w futa for a while now and everything was going fine. However, things change when he runs into her crossdressing brother (can be changed to friend or something else) who aggressive to him, often tries to break them up, always talk about how he dislikes him and etc.

Eventually he ends the relationship with her and beings to start the next chapter in his life. But, when he randomly gets a text from her brother one day, who appears wanting to hang out it with him, which everything changes for him and it becomes too tempting for him to decline.

My 10th plot is about a crossdresser from a rich family, has spent all of his life living in luxury, while also being cruel to the people who worked for his family. But everything change when his family goes broke, causing his world to be turned upside down and forcing him to get a job. He ends up becoming a butler for a wealthy family, much to her displeasure and tends to bump heads with some of the mansion

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