Essay about My Sister Rebecc God 's Greatest Blessing

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My Sister Rebecca: God’s Greatest Blessing
When I was seven, Mom and Dad took me to stay with my grandma. They were off to the hospital for the day we all had awaited so eagerly. This was the day I would be an only child no more. Oh how I’d longed for a sister. How wonderful it would be to play dress-up and dolls with her I thought. I hung on my grandma’s every word every time the phone rang waiting to hear the news. Finally, the call came! All I really remember my grandma saying was “I’ll let you tell her”. It was Dad. He told me that my sister was here. I jumped for joy! Dad said “Things didn’t go quite like we thought they would and she’ll have to stay in the hospital for a while, but Mom will be home in a few days.” “That’s ok, I can wait a little longer now that I know she’s here!” I said. I had no way to understand at that age what lied ahead for me and my sister.
Rebecca was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Her condition was more extreme than most cases. Her lower spine hadn’t formed and the skin around it was open to the air. She was paraplegic. The doctors did skin grafts to close her back. She also had many brain surgeries the first week or so of life. There were so many times we almost lost her but she was a fighter, never giving up the will to live.
The doctors told my parents it would be best to put her in an institution. They said she wouldn’t be able to communicate with us due to the severity of her brain injuries. They told us she was only expected…

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